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Monthly Archives: September 2017

March big baby suffering from anemia, drink milk allergy cause intestinal bleeding

Many parents believe that milk is rich in nutrients, the children drank particularly good, so they often buy milk for children to drink. But I do not know, if only drink milk, do not absorb other complementary food, it will lead to lack of iron in the body, anemia problems. Recently, more than 3 months […]

CCTV: 90% children with leukemia in the home decoration done within six months

Spring is the peak season of interior decoration, if the decoration is improper, leading to interior decoration pollution, it is likely to induce disease. Beijing Children’s Hospital data show that 90% of leukemia children at home had been renovated in six months. The international health organization also says that more than 400 people worldwide die […]

3 year old girl drowning coma recovery bath brain function damage

Hunan Children’s Hospital, the bath of accidental drowning is small if (a pseudonym) lying in bed for treatment. On the morning of April 18th, in Hunan Children’s Hospital, two patients, 3 years old, if not (a pseudonym) curled up on the hospital bed, kept shivering. The mother who had already cried her red eyes was […]

80 grams of ultra premature miracle survival, doctors have 10 times critical illness notification

In April 19th, Shenzhen created a miracle, created by a “slap” sized newborn! The gestational age is 23 weeks, and the birth weight is only 480g. It is lighter than a bottle of 500 milliliter mineral water, and the length is 28cm. It is smaller than the size of the adult palm. This “super premature” […]

Second child era expert comprehensive interpretation of fertility New Deal

Before the end of June this year, birth insurance and basic medical insurance for workers with the implementation of the pilot will start. In the overall two children, fertility, maternity leave, child care and other related policies of the dynamic, always affecting the public’s heart. After two children, maternity insurance can play a big guarantee, […]

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