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March big baby suffering from anemia, drink milk allergy cause intestinal bleeding

Many parents believe that milk is rich in nutrients, the children drank particularly good, so they often buy milk for children to drink. But I do not know, if only drink milk, do not absorb other complementary food, it will lead to lack of iron in the body, anemia problems. Recently, more than 3 months of Hefei baby bright (pseudonym) because of milk allergies, anemia symptoms, and had to go to Anhui children’s Hospital for treatment.
Recently, Ms. Wang lived in Hefei with more than three months old baby bright came to the children’s Hospital of Anhui Province, “has given him to drink milk more than a month, feeling more than his complexion is not as good as before, often crying.”
After making a food allergy test, it was found that Dr. Liang had been diagnosed with milk allergy, and after checking the blood routine, the doctor concluded that there were anemia symptoms, which made Ms. Wang very puzzled.
Children often drink milk would anemia? Expert of Department of Hematology of children’s Hospital of Anhui Province, bright indeed due to drink milk and lead to anemia, but we usually say “milk anemia”, which the parents failed to add baby such as liver, egg yolk, xuewang foods contain iron caused by iron deficiency anemia is not the same.
“Bright because of milk allergy, lead to long-term bleeding in the intestine, because of occasional bleeding and less amount, not easy to be found, which led to ‘hemorrhagic anemia’, timely cut off allergens can be avoided.” Doctor introduction.
In this case, bright will receive an allergy treatment and dietary adjustment for about a week. The expert reminds, many causes of infant anemia, iron deficiency anemia is the most common among them, parents should observe the child’s status in normal life, if the children face, lips, ear long pale, poor appetite, diarrhea, or infection, can go to the hospital to check to see if the anemia, can find out why for the treatment or recuperation.

CCTV: 90% children with leukemia in the home decoration done within six months

Spring is the peak season of interior decoration, if the decoration is improper, leading to interior decoration pollution, it is likely to induce disease. Beijing Children’s Hospital data show that 90% of leukemia children at home had been renovated in six months. The international health organization also says that more than 400 people worldwide die from indoor air pollution every year, and that the most important factor for pollution is oil paints.
To prevent indoor air pollution, water source coatings into the industry new trends
Mr. Ge, who lives in Shenzhen, is busy decorating his second house recently. He told CCTV financial reporter, ten years ago, he is the most important decoration materials cost performance, and now he would rather spend more money, but also buy the safest environmental protection materials.
Shenzhen citizen Gexiansheng: This is the second time to buy a house, the first house is oily coating, now on the market are pushing the water paint, said that this water paint more environmentally friendly, and no other hazardous substances.
Shenzhen house decoration network general manager Ding Li: we do Internet decoration, now the user is especially concerned about environmental protection and safety.
In fact, coatings are widely used. In addition to our well-known architectural coating, furniture, vehicles, toys and other industries are inseparable from the paint, at present, more than 80% of our use of oil-based paint. These coatings are dispersed and diluted in a variety of organic solvents, and organic matter can be volatilized during use and cause air pollution.
Shenzhen City Habitat Environment Committee Deputy Director Tan Qingliang: PM2.5 particles, the organic components accounted for 38%, it is also one of the largest proportion of PM2.5 particles inside the material, because the oil paint inside its volatile organic substances, it will sooner or later have to evaporate, or just some faster or slower, we control for oily coating, control of volatile organic compounds, it is not only a good promotion effect on our PM2.5, and our entire ozone pollution control is of great significance.

3 year old girl drowning coma recovery bath brain function damage

Hunan Children’s Hospital, the bath of accidental drowning is small if (a pseudonym) lying in bed for treatment.
On the morning of April 18th, in Hunan Children’s Hospital, two patients, 3 years old, if not (a pseudonym) curled up on the hospital bed, kept shivering. The mother who had already cried her red eyes was busy covering her.
Mr. Chen said, “they live in Ningxiang, and his wife works in Changsha. She is unemployed and has two children at home.”. My son is 7 years old, my daughter is 3 years old.
At 1 a. m. on March 21st, he noticed that his daughter had a fever and was 38.2 degrees centigrade after measuring with a thermometer. He’s going to give his daughter a warm bath.
Mr. Chen found the usual two children a bath with storage box, put about two barrels of water, let her sit in the water.
“The storage container is 60 centimeters long and about 40 centimeters high.”.” Chen said, usually the son and daughter are using this bath, when the daughter sitting in the water, the water probably to the chest position. After settling his daughter, Mr. Chen turned around and rushed back to the room to take cold medicine, and the accident happened.
“My daughter was drowning when I left about two minutes or so.” Mr. Chen said, when he went to see his daughter, daughter floating on the water, lips pale, “may be dizzy, slipped into the water.””.
Mr. Chen quickly picked up his daughter, first mention feet control water, then only spit a little water out. On the bed, Mr. Chen gave her daughter a heart lung resuscitation, about two minutes later, her daughter finally had breath, “daughter breathing some haste, but shouted she did not respond.””.
Chen then contacted the local health center, he drove his daughter to the hospital, the doctor gave her daughter CPR, the daughter sent to the provincial children’s Hospital overnight.
The morning of April 18th, two Hunan Children’s Hospital physician Chen Mei introduction, were sent to the hospital, was diagnosed with symptoms of drowning after cardiopulmonary resuscitation syndrome, hypoxic-ischemic brain damage, central respiratory failure, then in a deep coma.
Chen Mei said, because children with brain function damage obviously, in the intensive care unit ninth days awake, but still don’t recognize people, can’t walk, also won’t speak. The hospital will further observe the treatment of patients, and do not rule out the possibility of sequelae.

80 grams of ultra premature miracle survival, doctors have 10 times critical illness notification

In April 19th, Shenzhen created a miracle, created by a “slap” sized newborn! The gestational age is 23 weeks, and the birth weight is only 480g. It is lighter than a bottle of 500 milliliter mineral water, and the length is 28cm. It is smaller than the size of the adult palm.
This “super premature” named static, in October 21, 2016, 17 weeks in maternal and Child Health Hospital of Shenzhen city came earlier than expected, after the parents hope that she would never forget this experience early came to the human world, and gave him a little called early”.
In the 6 months of hospital treatment, the doctor gave parents 10 times notice of death notice. Finally, in the City Maternal and child health care hospital neonatal medical staff care and careful care, “early” through one after another difficulties. Now, her correction age 2 months, weight 3.1 kg, height also to 46.5cm, body temperature, breathing and other vital signs are stable and normal.
In April 19th, “early” successfully discharged home. The success of her treatment created the nation’s first miracle of survival for ultra low birth weight babies, and marks a new step in the treatment of ultra low birth weight infants in Shenzhen.
Premature birth: “early” arrives 17 weeks in advance
37 year old Xiao Xiao (alias) is an elderly woman, last year, pregnant with a pair of twins, in prenatal examination process, pregnant women and fetuses have been normal.
On the morning of October 17, 2016, when Xiao Xiao, who was still at work, went to the bathroom and found his body bleeding, he immediately went to the Shenzhen maternal and child health care hospital for medical treatment. The doctor found that she had early signs, let her defend in hospital.
At 12:25 p. m. on October 21st, Xiao Xiao gave birth to twins at the hospital, 17 weeks ahead of schedule. The twins are only 23 weeks old, 460 grams of Dabao, 480 grams of small Bao, are now the lowest birth weight in the country of ultra preterm infants. As the twins were under development, the parents had not had time to see them at first sight, and the paramedics immediately intubated the trachea. After the resuscitation, they were immediately transferred to the NICU (pediatric intensive care unit) for treatment

Second child era expert comprehensive interpretation of fertility New Deal

Before the end of June this year, birth insurance and basic medical insurance for workers with the implementation of the pilot will start. In the overall two children, fertility, maternity leave, child care and other related policies of the dynamic, always affecting the public’s heart.
After two children, maternity insurance can play a big guarantee, the treatment will change; maternity leave and birth to child ratio has changed; women in the workplace will encounter more discrimination, how to balance the workplace and family?…… From now on, the release of the “comprehensive two children new security” series of reports, please expert interpretation policy, listen to two children mother confide.
In February this year, the State Council issued the “basic medical insurance and maternity insurance and workers to implement the pilot program”, according to the retention of insurance, security benefits, unified management, reduce the cost of the idea in the 12 city of Hebei city in Handan province to carry out two insurance pilot implementation of the merger. The pilot started before the end of June 2017, the pilot for a period of 1 years.
While many mothers are preparing for the two child, the changes in birth insurance policy have attracted much attention. How will the adjustment of maternity insurance policy affect the treatment enjoyed by employees? In the overall two children, maternity insurance can play much protection?
Not cancel insurance, enjoy treatment unchanged
The implementation of the combination of birth insurance and medical insurance does not affect the level of fertility insurance benefits.” Human resources and social security department deputy director Yan Qinghui said that the medical insurance company, the insured to 14th.
The combination of pilot birth insurance and medical insurance is mainly to improve administrative efficiency and reduce operating costs. Yan Qinghui explained: as a result, maternity insurance and medical insurance are common in medical services, in particular it is very common in the medical treatment payment; secondly, the two risk management services are basically the same, the executive management of designated medical institutions unified, uniform drug treatment programs and service facilities, using the same information the system platform, with the implementation of the merger.
Yan Qinghui said that after the implementation of the merger of two insurance, unified insurance registration, unified fund collection, unified management, unified handling of medical services and information services, which will help improve the collection efficiency, the integration of the management of medical service resources and handling service forces, improve the service ability, can provide more convenient services for employees.
“Merger and implementation does not mean there is no maternity insurance.”.” Yan Qinghui stressed that maternity insurance and medical insurance, compared with different functions and security policies. Maternity insurance has unique function of protecting women’s equal employment rights and labor protection of female workers; maternity insurance costs without individual pay, reflects the responsibility of employer; maternity insurance benefits in addition to medical expenses, and maternity allowance, these are other types of insurance can not replace. Maternity insurance, as a social insurance policy, will continue to be retained.
Therefore, the implementation of the pilot merger, does not involve the adjustment of maternity insurance benefits policies, maternity insurance policy will not change during childbirth, but will not decrease.

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